Nicole Kidman was left so angry by ‘humiliating’ Big Little Lies love scene she smashed a window

Nicole Kidman Was So Angry With Big Little Lies’ ‘Humiliating’ Love Scene She Broke A Window

The violent scenes of domestic abuse on HBO’s hit TV series Big Little Lies have shocked viewers time and time again, however, actress Nicole Kidman has now revealed she was badly affected after filming the disturbing scenes and had even threw a stone through his window. following a fit of rage.

In the series, Nicole, 49, plays Celeste Wright, who is trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband Perry, who is played by Alexander Skarsgard.

Nicole previously revealed that filming some of the heartbreaking abuse scenes left her with real bruises, and now she’s opened up about how the show made her feel in a new interview.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the star explained: “I came home and threw a rock through a glass door. Obviously I was holding back all that rage at what had been done.

Nicole’s co-star Reese Witherspoon also recalled the incident, adding, “We were at a hotel and she called me and she said, ‘I just did the craziest thing. ‘

“She came home from work and she had one of those awful scenes and she said, ‘I couldn’t get into my hotel room so I threw a rock out the window.’

“And she’s like, ‘I don’t do stuff like that.'”

Detailing one particular scene that left her feeling “humiliated”, Nicole continued: “I remember laying on the floor in the last episode, being in my underwear and being really thrown I’m just lying on the floor.

“I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. And I remember Jean-Marc
[director] come over and put a towel over me between takes because I was like…I felt completely humiliated and devastated. And angry inside.

Nicole’s on-screen husband previously opened up about how he and Nicole managed to shoot the disturbing scenes, with Alexander telling Vanity Fair in March, “It was very important to reconnect after shooting those scenes.

“We made a point of checking in on each other, giving each other a hug.”

Big Little Lies aired in the UK on Sky Atlantic, the seven-part miniseries to critical acclaim.


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