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Navid Negahban age

Nade Negahban is an American actor who was born in Iran and is mainly known for his work. Homeland and The mistresses. He also recently dealt with the Sultan in his live-action remake 2019 fantasy music movie, Aladdin.

Besides, he has been working in the entertainment industry since the beginning of the year 2000, making him one of the veteran actors of this generation. It would be rude not to know it, now? Well, let's find out more about him now.

Nade Negahban

Here are some facts about veteran actor Navid.

Navid Negahban: Quick facts

Full name: Nade Negahban
Age: 51 years old
Date of birth: June 2, 1968
Horoscope: Gemini
Place of birth: Mashhad, Iran
Nationality: Iranian American
Nationality: Iranian (Persian)
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Hair colour: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Profession: Actor
Active year: 2000-today
Social media: Instagram
Marital status: Unmarried

Navid Negahban: Movies and TV Shows

Since Navid is very private about his life, there is not much information about his career. But during his younger days, he worked for a theater company before moving to the States.

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The year 2000 marks his debut as he appeared on the small screen of the television show The invisible man as Oman Tariq. After that, he saw him playing in other TV shows like The Shield (2002), The Organization (2003), Lost (2004), 24 (2005), Law and Order (2006) 2011), The Game (2013), The Psychologist (2014), The Team (2018), and Legion (2018-present).

Navid Negahban movies and tv shows
Navid Negahban as Sultan in the 2019 film Aladdin

In addition to television shows, Navid also made a movie debut 2005 from the movie The fallen. In the film, he portrayed his role Ammon where he played with the actors Casper Van Dien, Kristen Miller, Jeffrey Lewis and many others.

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His other memorable acts include films such as Role III (2007), Dead Air (2009), The Power of the Few (2013), American Sniper (2014), Sand Castle (2017), American Assassin (2017) among many others.

In addition, it has also shown its fantastic action in video games. As of now, it has appeared in sports like Dead Space (2008), Medal of Honor (2010), Creed Assassin: Revelation (2011), and some more.

Early life and education

Veteran actor Navid was born on June 2, 1968, in Mashhad, Iran, to his Iranian parents. He is of Iranian (Persian) nationality and has US and Iranian nationality. So far, he has not revealed much about his parents.

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Likewise, there is no information about his education as well. When asked about the same question he once said,

"People ask me where I went to school and I tell them that the world was my school. I've participated in different theater and action schools around the world, but every person on the street is my teacher."

In addition, Navid was fair 20 when he left Turkey for Turkey and then moved to Germany. There he worked for a theater company until moving to the States 1993. Today, the veteran actress speaks fluent English, German, Persian and French.

Age and height

Speaking of his age, the veteran actor is at the moment 51 years old. It has reached 51 this year June 2 which makes him Gemini. And people born under this sign are usually a talented group of people who excel at writing and the arts.

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Moreover, it is at its height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) while its weight and other measurements are unknown. She also has short black hair and dark brown eyes.

Navid Negahban: Wife and Children

Although it was early 50s, Negahban is still married now. Besides, the veteran actor has kept his personal life separate from the media's nosy eyes.

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Not only is she not married but she has not yet seen her wives or important partners. Similarly, Negahban is not involved in rumors and controversies that could ruin his life or career.

Going on, there is no news of him tying the knot anytime soon. However, the January 18, 2019, Navid posted the picture with a girl named Mia Lerdam, who happens to be his friend. Not only that, but also lots of photos with his other friends.

Net profit and revenue

From 2019, neither Navid's income nor its net worth have been disclosed. However, it appears that the veteran actor is earning an impressive amount from his professional career as an actor.

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With over two decades of experience and having made over a dozen movies and TV shows, there is no doubt that his earnings must be along the six-digit line. Similarly, it is also reported that, on average, one actor does $ 17 per hour in movies and movies $ 9 – $ 100 per hour on television.

Presence of social media

Instagram36.3k Followers

Twitter4.637 Followers

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