Melania Trump has Jackie Kennedy’s trees uprooted, internet users are outraged

New scandal in the White House. And this time, Donald Trump has nothing to do with this story. It is indeed his wife, Melania Trump, who has been the target of all criticism for the past few days. In the question? The renovation of the rose garden which she undertook this summer.

On July 27, she wrote: “Even in the most difficult times, the White House Rose Garden has always been a symbol of strength and continuity. Today, I have the great pleasure of announcing our desire to restore this mythical space in order to preserve its history and its beauty for generations to come.

“After several weeks of renovation, the First Lady has released some photos of the result. But the reactions of Internet users have not really been unanimous… For many of them, Melania Trump would have completely distorted the space that had been imagined at the time by Jackie Kennedy. She had worked at that time in collaboration with horticulturist Rachel Mellon to create this place often used over the years to host receptions.

On Twitter, some had fun comparing the two versions of the rose garden: “Can we talk about how Jackie Kennedy’s rose garden was colorful, diverse and beautiful and Melania just made it… white? “wrote a user. Many also lamented that she had the cherry blossom trees planted at the time by the former First Lady uprooted: “Why did you ruin everything? Where are the colors? Where are the beautiful Japanese cherry trees?

A case that should not help the business of her husband, Donald Trump, in the middle of the campaign for the presidential elections in November.


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