Mel Gibson still have fans despite his controversy

Many celebrities have been controversial at some point in their lives, and because of this, many people have turned away from following them. However, some celebrities have supportive fans despite their controversial behavior.

A good example is Mel Gibson, whose popularity has not diminished despite his outrageous words and actions.

It’s hard to pinpoint why some people still love these celebrities, but we think it comes down to the sense of reality they provide.

Although they’re famous (and rich), they share the same struggles as us, and through that, we feel like we really know them. In a society where most people are reserved and distant, it can be refreshing to know that a celebrity is just like us.

The fans are there for the good work he has done in the past and not for his controversial statements. Movies like Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, The Patriot, Apocalypto, Hacksaw Ridge made him a larger than life hero who was loved by all. He just made bad career choices, got a bit aggressive and therefore more controversial. It’s okay to admit a mistake, he should just move on and start doing a good job again.

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