Meghan reconciled with the royal family?

Her absence from Balmoral Castle when news broke of the Queen’s death fueled the situation on social media. In Windsor two days later, she went to meet supporters alongside Harry, Kate and William, brushing aside rumors of tension. The beginning of Meghan’s return to grace within the monarchy?

They were about to attend the Well Child Awards, a charity event in London, when the brief statement about Queen Elizabeth’s “worrying” health condition was released by Buckingham Palace on Thursday, September 8, 2022. minutes later, in a country on alert, a spokesperson for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan confirmed that the Franco-American couple were suspending all their engagements to go to the bedside of the sovereign, at Balmoral Castle, and meet there the members. eldest of the royal family.

But at 5:14 p.m. – Paris time – against all odds, an alert from the Press Association announced that the Duke of Sussex would finally come to Balmoral alone, citing a last-minute “change of plans” and confirming that the Duchess of Sussex would stay in London.

Charles against the arrival of Meghan

“A source has informed that Prince Harry is traveling alone to Balmoral. Like the Duchess of Cambridge (who is in Windsor with her three children), the Duchess of Sussex is staying in England (but will not be attending the Well Child Awards this evening ), posted Omid Scobie, close to the Sussexes, on Twitter.

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An unwelcome back-pedalling on this historic day, which had the effect of fueling new questions. “To be frank, she might not be very warmly received,” BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell commented on the air, pointing to the tensions that remain between the Windsor clan and the 41-year-old American.

In the aftermath, the Daily Mail claimed that King Charles and Queen Camilla had explicitly “asked” his youngest son to come to Balmoral alone, without his wife. During his first televised address as king given on September 10, the latter nevertheless wanted to “express his love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad”.

The return of the “Fab Four”

The next day, the latter made a catch-up, this time displaying a united family front alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In a surprise appearance outside Windsor Castle, the “Fab Four” went to wave to the crowd gathered in memory of the Queen. Organized on the initiative of Prince William – who would have made the proposal to his brother by SMS – the outing, which lasted more than an hour, was seen as a sign of hope towards the possibility of relaxation in the relationship between the two couples. .

“I hope they will reconcile,” Oprah Winfrey, star presenter and friend of Meghan, said in an interview with the Extra site on September 11. “I think that in all families – my father died recently, this summer – when they come together for a common ceremony, on the occasion of the funeral ritual of their death, there is an opportunity to have peace”, she added.

Meghan in mourning alongside the Windsors

Is the hatchet about to be buried? Meghan will be well at the Queen’s funeral which will take place on September 19, 2022 in the presence of many heads of state. She also joined Buckingham on the evening of September 13 with the entire royal family when the coffin of the late sovereign arrived at the palace from Scotland.

His last meeting with Queen Elizabeth II was in June, when Harry and Meghan took advantage of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations to introduce their daughter Lilibet, born on June 4, 2021 in the United States, to her great-grandmother. .

As a sign of goodwill, Harry’s wife has canceled all of her planned trips and appearances in the United States for the next two weeks. She will not participate in the American television program Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, of which she was a guest on September 20. The broadcast of the new episode of his “Archetypes” podcast, on the Spotify platform, has also been postponed “during the official period”. of mourning for Her Majesty the Queen.

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