Meghan Markle Panics After Charity WatchDog Expose Megxit’s Massive $20M Archewell Charity Scam On Air

The credibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle takes a serious hit. These two just can’t catch a break, can they? Archewell – this is the new charitable venture launched by Harry and Meghan after stepping back from royal duties. It’s supposed to be about philanthropy and community, right? Well, looks like it’s been nothing but trouble.

The latest mess involves an opinion from the California Attorney General, calling out Harry and Meghan for failing to properly register Archewell as a charity in the state. Not exactly the kind of mail you want to receive, is it? Their PR team initially wrote it off as a misunderstanding, but come on, these two should know better.

Instead of working things out, Harry and Meghan left for Nigeria for a photoshoot, acting like everything was fine. Talk about misplaced priorities! It wasn’t until they faced backlash that they finally took action and resolved the recording issue. But the damage was done.

Now, experts are questioning whether Harry and Meghan are even capable of running a legitimate charity. It’s a harsh reality check for the couple, especially for Harry, who seems lost outside the royal bubble.


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