Meghan Markle Breaks Down as Prince Harry Reveals Her Deceit and Archie’s True Paternity

Meghan Markle is facing criticism following the disclosure of controversial details in a recent podcast, increasing her public scrutiny. In a surprising twist, Paris Hilton shared her thoughts during an interview on Kinsey Scofield’s YouTube channel. The topic of discussion? The Duchess of Sussex’s podcast on archetypes.

Addressing the podcast’s premise of advocating for female empowerment, Hilton pointed out the irony of her guest list, which is mostly made up of wealthy celebrities. “I thought it was funny,” she joked, highlighting a perceived disparity between Markle’s proclaimed advocacy and the podcast’s actual programming.

Scofield, the interviewer, expressed difficulty aligning with Markle’s views and ventured to inquire about the potential success of her American Riviera Orchard project. Hilton, unexpectedly supportive, predicted the company’s triumph. “Yes, I think the American Riviera project would be a success,” she said, attributing it to the divisive but captivating charm of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Acknowledging Hilton’s position, Scofield reflected on the polarized opinions surrounding the royal couple, likening the public’s interest in them to that of a reality television series. The exchange highlighted divergent perceptions about Markle’s initiatives and their potential impact.

This criticism comes amid recent revelations that a notable designer refused to collaborate with the Duchess. Julian McDonald, a prominent figure in British fashion, openly favored the Princess of Wales over Markle at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in London, highlighting ongoing tensions within the fashion industry.


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