Megan Fox Falls Into Photoshop Trap – Look at the Bottom Right of the Picture

Megan Fox falls in Photoshop Trap – Look at the bottom right of the image

On Instagram, not everything is real.

It’s no secret that famous women like to get their hands in the trick box to spruce up their selfies. the Kardashian Sisters go ahead with a rather passable example, regularly being condemned for their Photoshop failings by fans.

Now actress and sex symbol Megan Fox (35) is also in the editing blunder.

On Instagram, the brunette beauty posted three photos with which she wanted to express her support for #LGBTQIA people.

But while most of the fans under the photo rather comment on Fox’s beauty, very few notice that she helped out a bit with the snap.

Because if you look exactly at the bottom right of the photo, you can see that there is a poorly retouched carrier of her top.

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What should your little Photoshop thing do? Apparently, Megan pushed her left breast a little higher than she naturally sits. And that, where Megan has a bomb figure!

Photoshop certainly doesn’t need it. At the latest with all the encouragement from her fans, she should be aware of this.

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