Margot Robbie recounted an uncomfortable scene

Margot Robbie recounted an uncomfortable scene in which she spent 17 n-ked hours with 30 men around and ended up slapping DiCaprio

The actress recounted the terrible moments she experienced in the acclaimed film. “I didn’t know you could say, ‘I was sexually harassed’ without anyone touching you,” she revealed.

In a film, there are hours of work and a goal to achieve “eternal success”. We see a team that goes towards the goal, actors and actresses who come out of their skin to devote themselves to the screen. If you are looking to grow in the film industry, you must do everything because there are no second chances. In this context, who has done it all and more, is the Australian actress

At 30, the beautiful actress played roles that propelled her to stardom

. In 2008, the Australian made her screen debut with small appearances, although the exact moment she shot to worldwide prominence was in 2013. Her work in The Wolf of Wall Street was her before. and after, and what led it to be what it is today. : a great figure in the entertainment industry.

However, Margot did not find it easy at all. Now, seven years after the film debut she starred in

situations experienced at the time of the recording that the actress remembers in detail have been revealed.

In the blockbuster movie that grossed $392 million, Margot Robbie played Noami Lapaglia. She was first Di Caprio’s lover, then she became his wife. Throughout the film, the Aussie had to act out scenes of abuse, disappointment and violence. However, what traumatized her the most was her erotic streak: she had to put her body and deal with the environment and the work team.

Director Martin Scorsese has confessed to hiring her for her role because of an unexpected act of bravery during her first audition. From what they said, she Margot improvised a scene that wasn’t in the script, leaving the whole room in awe. She “slapped Di Caprio in the face, it wasn’t in the script. It was an improvisation that we thought was wonderful, and we even included it in the script,” Scorsese said.

Margot vouched for this event that she did everything she could to attract attention and therefore be hired. She added, “If you don’t do something awesome, nothing will ever come of it. If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, grab it. Maybe I should have kissed him… When will I have the opportunity to kiss Leo Di Caprio? But when the slap happened, the other part of my brain clicked! And I punched Di Caprio in the face.”

An anecdote which has grace and which shows that he can compete with the best of Hollywood. But that joy would be erased later. And years later, she will be encouraged to talk about the situation she went through.


While talking about the film, she focused on the moment when her character tries to seduce Leo’s character in her daughter’s bedroom. “He doesn’t show up when you watch the movie, the audience doesn’t see him, but we’re actually in a small room with 30 crew members. All men. For 17 hours I pretended to touch,” she remarked in an interview with Porter magazine, and immediately sparked controversy.

Much has been said about these statements by Robbie in the press. She said to herself that she was not supported by the production and we said to ourselves that for these scenes we had to do things differently on the film sets, taking better care of the actresses.

For now, she talks about how she felt that day and all that she had to put aside to be able to move on unaffected by it: “It’s a very strange thing, you have to bury the shame and what seems absurd to you… It was really uncomfortable, deep and completely engaged”.

She was the one who talked about sexual harassment. She said after that she was able to realize what it really means, to feel it on her own skin. “I’m in my 20s, I’m educated, I have everything, I’ve worked, I have my own business. And she (however) she didn’t know what it was, harassment. is crazy. She didn’t know that you could say ‘I was sexually harassed’ without anyone touching you. That you could say ‘That’s not right’. She had no idea… “.

“Now I know what it is because following the scenes I investigated what sexual harassment is, how to be discriminated against because of your job or financially. I fell into the machismo at some point in my life, now that I think about it and know what it is,” Robbie remarked.

About the scene, she recounted part of her ritual to be able to do it without shame in an interview – for the New York Times – she said: “That morning I went to work, I knew I had to do this scene, I was shaking, I was scared, the whole time. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. When I arrived, when it was my turn to do it, I drank three shots of tequila, then I took my clothes off and I did it. I was fine. It really helped keep my hands from shaking and gave me some confidence.

Today, Margot Robbie is one hundred percent focused on what she is going through. She remembers what she experienced as a dark episode and that she was able to get through by talking to the right people. Now, the actress is preparing to put herself in the shoes of Barbie, a film based on the famous doll.


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