Malcolm Ford Bio- Career, Band, Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth

There comes a time in our lives when we feel confused and fall into darkness. But the choice we make after this time is what determines us. Malcolm Ford, the son of the legendary actor Harrison Ford, he encountered such a moment in his life where he was deep into drugs.

However, instead of letting him nominate him, Ford turned a new leaf and started a new chapter of his life. We are happy to let you know about this amazing personality. More about him right down.

Malcolm Ford

Here are some facts about this incredible man, Malcolm Ford.

Malcolm Ford: Quick facts

Full name:Malcolm Ford
Age:32 years
Date of birth:October 3, 1987
Place of birth:The United States of America
FATHER'S NAME:Harrison Ford
MOTHER'S NAME:Melissa Mathison
Marital status:Unmarried
Girlfriend:Jessica Stam
Profession:Assistant, musician
Zone:The dough rolls
Social media:Instagram, Twitter

Malcolm Ford: Music Career

The year 2008 was a major change for this fellow artist. That year Malcolm not only brought one of the hottest models but also formed a band called "The dough rolls." He created the group with his friend Jack Byre, the actor's son Gabriel Byrne and actor Ellen Barkin.

Fortunately, the duo first met in New York, where Byrne taught Malcolm to play guitar in exchange for a weed. Besides, their mutual interest in music also made their bond strong.

Initially, the band started out as a two-piece band, to which the singer was later added Tepper. He then encouraged the duo to try other styles of music, which increased their audience to some extent. In 2010, the band released their self-titled debut album, consisting of ten tracks.

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Unfortunately, shortly after the release of their album, Tepper left the band. However, the following year, the band released an album titled 'One day baby' With twelve tracks. Over the years, the band has added other members, a drummer, Kyle Olsen, and a bass player, Josh Barocas.

In addition, they signed with an American singer-songwriter Jack WhiteOf the record company ' Third Man File. ' Also, the band released their first EP 'Gone Baby Gone ' in 2014 from the label.

Early life and education

The musician Malcolm Ford known as the son of Hollywood legend Harrison Ford and his second wife, Melissa Mathison. The beloved son of the powerful celebrity couple was born on October 3, 1987, in the United States of America.

Similarly, he is an American of white nationality. He has four brothers: three brothers Ben Ford, Lianne Fochhardt, William Ford, and a younger sister named Georgia Ford.

In terms of training, Ford completed her training in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Also, there is not much information on further education.

Age and height

Born the year 1987, the musician is today 32 years old. It is celebrating its recent birthday on the third of October this year. His birth mark is Libra and the people born under this symbol are known as good artists and excel in the arts.

Although Ford does not look like his father, there is no doubt that he is just as beautiful as his father was in his younger days. His father's different style includes Ford's ugly and fluffy red hair. In addition, he also has a plethora of tattoos on his body.

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Moving on, it is at an astonishing height 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) and has a slim body. However, its weight, along with its other measurements, is unknown. As for his eyes, he is violet, which is rare but attractive.

Malcolm Ford: Parents and personal life

As of today, it is known that Malcolm is the son of the legendary actor Harrison Ford. Like his father, Ford's mother was also in the showbiz world but worked as a screenwriter and was also an activist.

Likewise, the lovely couple got married March 14, 1983, after dating for a while. Before that, Ford married a chef, Mary Marquardt, from June 18, 1964, to October 3, 1979. With her, Harrison has two sons: Ben, born September 22, 1967, and Williard, born on May 14, 1969.

The parents of Malcolm Ford
Malcolm Ford with his father, Harrison Ford

Not to mention, Malcolm Georgia's biological sister is also an actress who has appeared in films such as American Milkshake and True story. However, like Harrison's first marriage, his second marriage with Malcolm's mother was also initiated. The couple crossed paths August 2001, which hit Malcolm deeply.

In addition, the young Ford was so depressed that he sought help from drugs to ease his pain. But instead of relieving his pain, Malcolm became addicted and had to be admitted to a rehabilitation facility. Fortunately, Malcolm has recovered well as he is now almost over addiction and diverts his energy to music. On November 4, 2015, his mother was declared dead after being diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer.

In addition, the 32 years was in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Jessica Stam. He had been dating his Canadian model girlfriend since 2008. Not to mention, Stam is the same person who gained fame as part of cultivating models known as "Doll faces".

In addition, Stam was included in Forbes list of The top 15 examples in the world in 2007. From now on, the lovely twin seems to be enjoying their time in each other's company.

Net profit and revenue

From 2019, Malcolm's net worth is still under review and his exact income has not yet been revealed. However, there is no doubt that he lives a luxurious life thanks to his professional career as a musician.

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Meanwhile, his father, Harrison, has an impressive net worth $ 230 million, which is thanks to his successful career as an actor and filmmaker. In addition, he did about $ 25 million from 2015 film, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Power Wake up.

Also, the following year, the legendary actress did $ 12 million by selling it 7100 square feet estate located in Los Angeles. Many have no idea, but Malcolm's mother also had net worth $ 22 million. He has written for some films like The escape artist, the son of Morning Star, BFG, among many others.

Presence of social media

From now on, the musician does not seem to be active in social media.

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