Lizzie Musi: Dad, career, accidents, friend and net worth

Women and mechanical material are a rare combination. But trust us, every time these two meet, it will be magical and extraordinary. Just look at Lizzie Mossy, Who killed it in the world of drag racing.

Coming from the family of a tow truck driver, Lizzie was introduced to this world by her father, Pat Musi. And what do you know, since then and racing and Lizzie are inseparable. Come with us as we introduce you to the world of this racing diva who is moving to the beat of cars. Get to know her life, her parents, her career and more.

Lizzie is a must

But first some facts about Musi.

Lizzie Mossy: Quick facts

full name:Lizzie is a must
age:29 years
Date of birth:January 1, 1991
Marital statusNot marriage
Place of birth:New Jersey, USA
ethnic origin:involved
height:175 cm
Weight:64 kg (141 kg)
profession:Drag racer for car
Net worth:million dollar
incomeRace car driver
social media:Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Age, Height and Measurements: How old is Lizzie Musi?

The diva of the racing world, Lizzie Mossy, is young 29 fAn old rider in the ears. Born in 1991, Musi celebrates her birthday every year at January 1, Precisely in the new year. Also, its star sign is Capricorn.

Despite being in the greasy mess of the racing world, Musi is an absolute baby. With her juicy blond hair and mesmerizing aura, Musi wins the hearts of millions of people.

Aside from her stunning looks, Musi has an enviable figure measurement 35-24-35 inches, Perfect hourglass shape. It’s hard to believe that Musi is a race car driver and not a model. Like, Musi carries her dressed up, 175 cm A character with a lot of audacity and vigor. She has the absolute childhood of vibrations.

Lizzie Musi: Bio- Who is her father? Where’s Lizzie Mossy from?

Lizzie is the modern princess who drives a camaro and not a horse waiting for a prince to save her. Born to Pat Music and Elizabeth Musi, Young Lizzie was born and raised in New Jersey, United States of America.

Lizzie Musi's father
Lizzie Mossy with her father, Pat Mossy

Similarly, Musi is American by nationality and belongs to a Swedish-American descent. Besides her parents, Lizzie has a younger sister named Patricia, Who is also a drag rider.

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As for her education, young Musi attended Carter High School, Located in New Jersey. After graduation, instead of continuing her studies, Lizzie began working in her father’s workshop. Her father, a race car driver and engine builder, instructed Musi regarding cars, engines and racing, respectively.

Professional career: Who is Lizzie Mossy?

Well, you know what they’re saying, ‘the Apple does not fall far from the tree. ‘ True to the statement, Lizzie, who came from a family of professional car racers, chose to follow the tradition herself. This came as no surprise when Lizzie decided to pursue her career in drag racing.

Similarly, her entire family, including her mother and sisters, are also professional drag riders who wholeheartedly supported the decision. Not to mention that it was her father, Pat, who greatly influenced her love of sports and encouraged her to become a professional.

And what do you know, the girl got the genes from her father. Lizzie, upon entering, created a big buzz in her talent. Moreover, Musi’s status increased after she won her first Pro Level Nitrous career in PDRA in Virginia Motor Sports Park In Dinbidi, Virginia.

Moreover, in 2014, Lizzie became the first woman to be broken 200 MPH B Upgrade the eighth mile Pro Mod Race. That same year, Musi won a PDRA Rocky of the Year The award was presented Drag the hottest sheet.

However, her achievements do not stop there. B 2015, Lizzie won the second national event in Pro Nitrous with a record of 3.79 seconds at 200.48 MPH. That same year, she became acquainted with innovation Dodge Dart, aka King Kong 6 in Peru Nitros.

Injuries and accidents

Every profession poses a risk, and tow truck racing is no different. In her career, Lizzie has suffered multiple, life-threatening injuries. B 2012, The young Musi was wounded in The third symbol of the American Drag Race LeagueIn Bristol Dragway.

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It was later explained that she was 1968 Camaro Got out of control and caused a crash. However, it was a miracle that it was 29 years old Came out unscathed from such a horrific accident.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Lizzie has come out unscathed from significant accidents. In the past, b March 2015, Musi suffered another rapid crash in the Pro Nitrous qualifying round for the PDRA Texas Nationals season opener at the Texas MotorFlex in Dallas.

Lizzie Mossy: Personal Life And Dating – Is Kyle Kelly Dating Lizzie Mossy?

The star of drag racing and social media, Lizzie, has caught the attention of many people. However, the talk about her personal life has always been a hot topic among her fans. Well, click No, we’re here to relieve you of that burden.

Surprisingly, Lizzie goes out with the street people Kay Kelly, Who is also a professional car rider. He had been married before Alyssa Rod And she even had a daughter Canadian Alexa Kelly.

Friend of Lizzie Musi
Lizzie Mossy with her boyfriend, Key Kelly

Following his divorce, the romance between Key and Lizzie quickly attracted media attention. After denying and hiding their relationship, Kelly finally went public via Facebook. It has also been revealed that they have been dating ever since 2017. The sweet couple has not yet made the connection.

Net worth and income

Lizzie, who has been successful in both her professional and personal life, has earned enough to live a comfortable life. Celebrity of the racing world, Lizzie’s estimated net worth of million dollarStarting from 2020.

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Similarly, this racing diva suffices enough from her racing career and also from her official website. This is an online site where you can visit and know more about it, including races, photos of events and sponsors.

Social media presence

Instagram153k Followers

Facebook74k Followers

Twitter5,008 Followers

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