Lady Sarah McCorquodale Shuts Down Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Controversy

Meghan Markle often displays jewelry from the late Princess Diana’s collection, and people notice. During the Nigerian Riviera tour, she wore several pieces belonging to her late mother-in-law, even though she never met Diana, who died in 1997 at the age of 36. Meghan’s display of Diana’s jewelry, similar to the display of the crown jewels, raised eyebrows. The diamond cross necklace she wore while meeting with military families in Abuja particularly attracted attention. According to Page Six, this necklace comes from Diana’s private collection and was given to Meghan by Prince Harry.

A source revealed: “Diana remains an important force in Harry’s life and therefore Meghan’s. Much of her work is inspired by her mother, and it’s obvious how much she still means to him.” Meghan has worn other pieces from Diana’s collection, and the symbolism isn’t lost on observers. However, the origin of the cross necklace has been questioned, with one source expressing scepticism: “I found it hard to believe she’s been sitting on that necklace for five years.” Additionally, it is notable that Diana was never photographed wearing the cross, with one source saying: “I didn’t recognize it at all.” Diana was very professional and generally avoided wearing religious designs because they could offend people, so she usually never did. wear such a thing.”

The origins of Meghan’s necklace add to the mystery surrounding Diana’s extensive jewelry collection. Following a 2022 trial involving butler Paul Burrell, who was accused of stealing items from Diana’s apartment, it was revealed that parts of the collection had been altered. Diana’s most iconic piece is a blue sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, which Princess Catherine has worn since her engagement to Prince William in 2010. William noted: “I thought it was quite nice because obviously she won’t be there to share any of the fun and excitement of it all. It was my way of keeping her close to it all. ” and said, “I just hope I take care of it.”

Meghan, for her part, wore Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring to her 2018 wedding reception and Diana’s tennis bracelet during a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey. Her spokesperson said Meghan deliberately wanted to wear the bracelet so Harry’s mother would be with them during the interview.

Rumor has it that the Spencers are deeply upset by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attempts to profit from Princess Diana’s inheritance. They view these actions as disrespectful and financially motivated. Lady Sarah McCorquodale has reportedly taken a tough stance, forbidding Prince Harry from exploiting Diana’s memory for personal gain. Lady Sarah is furious that Harry and Meghan continue to exploit Diana’s tragic death for attention.

Contrary to what the Crown claims, Diana held Sarah Spencer in high esteem. Royal expert Sarah Bradford claims that Diana considered her sister one of the few trusted friends, singling her out as the only person she could count on. Following Diana’s untimely death, Sarah worked actively to preserve her sister’s legacy, playing a vital role in the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, which raised millions for various charitable causes. She remained close to Diana’s children and was committed to keeping her memory alive. Currently, sources suggest that Sarah Spencer is planning to use her influence over Diana’s inheritance to reign in Prince Harry and end the exploitation of Diana’s name.


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