Kate Winslet discusses Awkward s-x Scenes

Almost every Hollywood star has been in a position where they have to deal with some pretty awkward scenes. For Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Kate Winslet, the adult scenes were the most awkward.

Actress Kate Winslet says she wishes producers had hired intimacy coordinators in the past. In his opinion, it would have made it easier to act during such scenes.

During a live session of the “How I Found My Voice” podcast, the actor tells Samira Ahmed about the same topic:

“I really wish I had them in the past, I definitely do, I really could have done with that friend. Just having a friend say, ‘Can you just ask him not to put the hands?’ So it’s not up to you to say, which can be quite embarrassing.

Kate as Intimate Coordinator

Keeping her own experience in mind, the Titanic heroine decided to be an intimacy coordinator for her young co-stars. In her upcoming HBO miniseries titled Mare of Easttown, she decided to do it for actor Angourie Rice.

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Kate Winslet adds that she had to position herself near the stage, which meant sitting in the trunk of a car.

“Because there were no clothes sticking out in the scene, they didn’t consider bringing in an intimacy coordinator,” Kate explained. “And I just felt like she was nervous. So I was like, ‘I’m going to be here for this, I’m going to stay, I’m not leaving the set.’ She said, “Thank God Kate, thank you very much.”

The actress then adds that “Sometimes even directors don’t feel comfortable communicating with actors about intimate scenes, even if it’s just kissing.”

On his experience with Ammonite

Explaining a romantic scene she played in her recent drama Ammonite, she exclaims:

“Women know what women want, let’s not beat around the bush. Saoirse and I knew we could unite in our feelings about these characters and their situation, and tell this story physically. It was a very joyful experience,”

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