Johnny Depp Receives Support From Women’s Abuse Group

Johnny Depp receives support from the Women’s Abuse Group

An organization fighting violence against women has expressed its support for Johnny Depp.

Italian group Mission NGO expressed their “compassion” for the 58-year-old actor amid his high-profile legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Depp is suing the 36-year-old Aquaman star for $50 million, alleging she damaged her reputation and career with false allegations of domestic violence.

“Violence is a serious subject,” Valeria Altobelli, founder and president of the NGO Mission, wrote in a statement. “As women, as mothers, we have the duty and the responsibility to educate our sons and daughters, that is to say the Future Generation, in the light of the values ​​of dialogue, respect and compassion. between men and women, without any gender distinction. , to prevent violence with the weapons of love and education.

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Altobelli continued: “In deep respect for the victims of domestic violence that we must affirm for academic honesty are, in general, WOMEN, we feel ourselves expressing, as women, as mothers, as free thinkers, our sympathy for Johnny Depp in this bad page of his personal history.

Heard has repeatedly accused her ex-husband of physically assaulting her throughout their marriage; however, in an audio recording shown in the defamation, the actress is heard admitting to starting a physical fight with her ex-husband. Depp’s legal team also pointed to the lack of evidence, such as photographs and medical records, that would support Heard’s abuse allegations.

In the weeks since the defamation lawsuit began, a group of famous women, including Courtney Love, actress Eva Green and singer Sia, have shown their support for Depp. The court also heard from a number of witnesses who portrayed Depp, not Heard, as the victim.

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“The women of the NGO MISSION around the world stand against domestic violence, regardless of gender, age or race,” Altobelli wrote in a separate post. “Our mission is to educate men and women, without gender difference, to continue to speak and live in the values ​​of love, mutual understanding and sensitivity in order to prevent all kinds of violence, against women against men, against children. As women, we have compassion and we feel empathy not for THE star, THE talent, The actor but for a man, a father, a worker, A HUMAN. Mental health is something we need to care about to live in a positive environment where women and men can love and respect each other without any kind of abuse and violence. We are human and we have to find the HUMANITY we were born to live for.

The libel lawsuit stems from a 2018 Washington Post editorial in which Heard claims to be a survivor of domestic violence. The piece, which was written by the ACLU, does not mention Depp by name, but his attorneys say the piece severely damaged his career.

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The trial is expected to wrap up next week, with deliberations beginning after the bank holiday weekend.

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