Jodie Foster had to undergo psychological tests at age 12 to play a prostitute in ‘Taxi Driver’

The actress was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s work

Jodie Foster was just 12 when she wowed the world with her performance as Iris in “Taxi Driver” (1976). However, in order to bring the prostitute to life, the actress had to undergo several psychological tests.

The artist opened up about this process in a new interview with OK! Magazine. She explained that the sessions she held with a psychiatrist from the University of California, Los Angeles assessed whether she was able to play Iris without her mental health being affected.

“People thought I was too young to play a prostitute and people – lawyers, actually – in the California government wanted to make sure I was psychologically prepared. I had to take tests,” Jodie recalls . review, according to

“For me, it’s a film that was kind of a transformation of cinema,” the actress continued. “It was the golden age of American cinema, it was an art film, and I was so proud to be in it. It was fate, it was fate, and I been very lucky.”

As well as undergoing psychological evaluations, the 58-year-old American was also protected from possible trauma while filming ‘Taxi Driver’ by using a stunt double. His sister Connie Foster – who is seven years his senior – was arrested in scenes deemed too sexual. In an interview with The New York Times in 2011, Jodie said: “My mum said, ‘I have a great idea. Why don’t we bring your sister?’ But honestly, what stood out? Did they think I was too young to understand the script? That I couldn’t see the difference between being a prostitute and a normal person? was a really good excuse to have my sister hang out with me in New York.”

Preserved by the United States Library of Congress thanks to its relevance, “Taxi Driver” has become one of the greatest works of Jodie Foster’s career and that of Robert de Niro, who starred in the film as as taxi driver Travis Bickle. The film is also considered one of Martin Scorsese’s greatest biopic works and was nominated in four categories at the 1977 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actor (De Niro), Best Supporting Actress (Foster) and best original music.


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