Jill Biden wears “LOVE” jacket ahead of the G7 summit and the world can’t not compare it to Melania Trump

Jill Biden Wears ‘LOVE’ Jacket Ahead of G7 Summit and the World Can’t Help Comparing Her to Melania Trump

Remember when Melania Trump wore a jacket that said, “I really don’t care, do I?” when visiting immigrant children detained at the US-Mexico border? Who could forget, right? It was terrible and though, unsurprisingly to the Trumps, it sent shockwaves through the ‘net’. Well, if first ladies wearing phrase jackets were a contest, then clearly Jill Biden just won with her message of inclusive love. The current First Lady was in England with her husband, President Joe Biden, to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where she was spotted wearing a jacket with the phrase “LOVE” written on the back.

Jill landed in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, England ahead of the G7 summit where she and Joe are expected to join world leaders from England, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada and the message that she brings with her, because she represents in the United States, it is clear: all is love.

Jill Biden wears a jacket

Asked about the jacket, Jill told CSPAN, “Oh love? I think we bring love from America. It’s a global conference and we’re trying to bring unity across the world and I think that’s important right now…especially after this last year.

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The look stands in stark contrast to the one worn by former first lady Melania Trump, who sent an entirely different message.

Jill Biden wears a jacket

As she boarded a plane en route to visit immigrant children being held at the US-Mexico border, the back of Melania’s jacket literally read, “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” His team called it meaningless, saying it was just a jacket.

Terrifying at worst, tone-deaf at best (assuming we give it the benefit of the doubt, and honestly, right?), Melania’s cruel post has been – rightly – lambasted across the internet.

I have no idea if Jill’s jacket message is “in response” to Melania’s 2018 look, but the overall message received is that we finally have a nice First Lady in the White House, and one who is genuinely interested. to support the President and to rebuild relations. with foreign powers.

I’d like to think Dr. Jill Biden is above trolling Melania, but that doesn’t mean the internet can’t do it for her!

“Do I really give a damn about Melania?” jacket (on the Mexican border no less) versus Dr Jill Biden’s Love jacket (in Britain today). Finally a First Lady with class again,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I’m so here for the first lady jacket wars,” wrote another.

Now we are waiting to see how the right spins this. $50 to the first Republican who can trash this jacket, I’ll wait.

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