Jennifer Lawrence didn’t like Bradley Cooper’s kissing style

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t like Bradley Cooper’s kissing style

Bradley Cooper, star of The Hangover Part III, revealed on The Graham Norton Show that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t like the way he kissed – which is probably surprising news for fans of the actor.

According to Cooper, during the filming of Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence was very blunt about her co-star’s smooching style: “After the second take she said, ‘You’re a wet kisser.’” Cooper admitted, “You don’t want to hear that.

It was not a compliment.” Clearly, only Lawrence noticed his terrible kissing – the duo won an MTV Best Kiss Award for their romantic moment in the movie. Their working relationship seems just fine too.

They recently re-teamed with director David O. Russell for American Hustle, due out this Christmas, and will also appear together in Serena. If anything, Cooper’s comments have leant credence to their constant denial of dating rumors. ~Cassie Jasinski


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