Jennifer Aniston didn’t think her career would survive ‘embarrassing’ killer leprechaun movie

Jennifer Aniston didn’t think her career would survive an ’embarrassing’ killer pixie film

Before ‘Friends,’ the actor played a teenage girl stalked by an Irish monster who believed he stole her pot of gold

Jennifer Aniston has revealed she doesn’t think her career would survive an “embarrassing” film about a killer pixie.

Before rising to fame in Friends, Aniston made her film debut in the 1993 horror film Leprechaun. It starred Warwick Davis as a grotesque Irish monster who stalks the teenage girl (Aniston) who, according to he stole his pot of gold.

In a new video interview for InStyle Magazine, Aniston admitted that the film now has a “cult” fan base, but back then she feared it would ruin her career.

During a video challenge in which she snatched items from a bag that hold special meaning to her life, Aniston recalled her 1999 film Office Space, in which she played an increasingly bored waitress. more at odds with his tyrannical boss. The film was not a box office success, but developed a cult following in the years following its release.

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“Office space [was] one of the first movies I ever did,” Aniston said. “No one thought it would become the cult classic he did, but it’s pretty cool if you ask me.”

She continued, “There are loads of movies where you think, ‘Oh my God, it’s just… how am I going to survive this in my future?’ And then it’s a cult… ‘something’ because it’s so embarrassing.

Aniston then clarified that she didn’t mean Office Space was “embarrassing.”

“This movie was not! This movie was special,” she said, before whispering, “I was talking about Leprechaun.”

In 2019, Aniston said she saw Leprechaun again a decade earlier with then-boyfriend Justin Theroux for “s***s and giggles.” She admitted that she kept “in and out” of the room “gritting her teeth” as she performed.

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