Jennifer Aniston Crushes Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Superstar Dream

Prince Harry reportedly hoped his wife Meghan Markle would return to acting and become a Hollywood celebrity, according to In Touch Weekly. Harry is actively seeking opportunities for Meghan, believing she has the potential to achieve star status in the entertainment industry.

The couple recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary with dinner at Lucky Steakhouse in Montecito, California, accompanied by friends from the entertainment industry. The event reflects Harry’s ongoing efforts to introduce Meghan to influential Hollywood figures, a source revealed.

“In Harry and Meghan’s entourage, we know that he would like her to return to acting. He finds it a shame that she is not a superstar like the artists Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, and he pulls as many strings as he can.” the source said.

Harry’s deep investment in seeing Meghan’s career flourish in the entertainment world is evident. However, the source also noted that Meghan might not share the same enthusiasm for a return to acting.

“It’s all a bit cringe-worthy for the Duchess of Sussex. After marrying Harry, she always envisioned her life as being more aristocratic rather than dealing with the daily grind of Hollywood,” the source explained. .

While Harry thinks Meghan’s return to acting could turn the tide for them, Meghan has different ideas. She is focusing more on philanthropic work and launching a new lifestyle line, American Riviera Orchard.

“Megan is more motivated by the type of service and activism that Princess Diana was synonymous with. She is flattered that Harry is so enthusiastic, but she is more focused on other things now,” the source added.

Despite Harry’s efforts to find Meghan work, there appears to be little interest in her talent. Meghan has been criticized for her acting abilities and lack of work ethic. His career, centered in Toronto with “Suits,” a minor show on a small cable channel, faced challenges.

As they deal with the fallout from their rift with the royal family, Harry and Meghan could face another setback as Netflix reportedly loses interest in the couple. Their upcoming projects, including Meghan’s cooking show and Harry’s Polo documentary, may not be enough to keep Netflix interested.

In summary, although Prince Harry dreams of Meghan’s success in Hollywood, the reality seems to present challenges that they must overcome together.


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