It Is Time For Soma Anyama To Ditch My Siblings And I and Become A Serious Actor

Big Brother Naija: See how Gobbe roommate Soma Anyama is one of the ex-reality stars setting foot in Nollywood. We saw his roommate TBoss on the screen – she was, among other things, the murdered Queen of Ocholuje in Mnet’s original drama “Ajoche”. I saw Alex from Double Wahala in “Merry Men 2” and she was decent and if I have nothing better to do I watch Mnet “Hustle” with Toby Bakre. Bisola is something of an A-star today, but she didn’t start playing after Big Brother – she was a talented entertainer long before “See Gobbe” – including Bassey.

Among the roommates who appeared as actors after the show, Soma is one of the safest to become a big star in the near future. He has the size, the look, the voice and the name recognition to start his career on the summit. Mind you, Soma also identifies as a musician, but because I’ve never heard him sing, I will only push him forward in the career I know. The career I know is acting and he doesn’t shoot from all cylinders. I mainly saw him on a show – my siblings and me and it’s time to give up this show and make more serious efforts.

But Soma Anyama isn’t even one of the biggest stars on the show

The biggest star in “My siblings and me” is Funke Akindele-Bello. It also turns out to be her show, she created it to look like a noble fighting for his parent house – it’s about his family legacy for the noble; It’s about her personal hustle and bustle for Funke Akindele, it’s her baby. Even then, Ms. Bello in “My Siblings” is not that regular. She comes and goes when she has a more rewarding show. She directed and played in “Your Excellency”; She was seen in the beautiful movie “Moms At War” and the terrible but mega-profitable “Chief Daddy”. and dozens more in “My Siblings”.

For Patrick Doyle, he has made a name for himself in the industry and is not that regular on the show. Jide Kosoko is also a legend and a guest star on the show. The rest of the cast is made up of little stars or beginners who can afford to stay on the set of “My Siblings and Me” longer. Not soma. He needs to make more serious efforts to consolidate his name among the fifth generation stars in the industry. He shouldn’t look at stars who are promoting their personal business and using “My siblings and me” as a pension. He should consider himself a star with urgent eyes and carry on.

What exactly is wrong with my siblings and me?

I wrote a detailed review of the show here. Go and read it. The show is not critically rich and if you become a star in a B show you will not receive any awards. If “My Siblings” was “Tinsel” or “Ajoche”, I will understand that he is involved in a serious show that people respect and watch closely. But you can’t say that for “My siblings and me”.

I don’t know who Soma Anyama is looking at, but he can’t look at my siblings’ James and Samson actors. With due respect for the actors, they are not at Anyama’s level. Soma should look at Lota Chukwu, his girlfriend in “Jenifa’s Diary”. She also started with a comedy show, but I don’t think she had more than a few dozen episodes on the show. In contrast, Soma was now on My Schildren And I for almost 300 episodes. How far would Lota Chukwu’s career have developed if it had been 300 episodes in “Jenifa’s Diary”? Don’t shiver.

Soma Anyama should watch Efa Iwara from Tosin Igho’s “Seven”. He should watch Akah Nnani, the star of “Ajoche” and many productions. He should look at Uche Nwaefuna. He should watch Swanky JKA. He should look at Uzor Arukwe. He should watch Bimbo Ademoye and Zainab Balogun. He should look at Alvin Abayomi. These are the people who would run the next generation of Nollywood. You can say they are more talented than Soma Anyama, but I don’t believe you. Soma is super talented: all he has to do is come from the backwaters of a terrible series and shine. There is no gain in a fish’s head.

Maybe he’s already done with the show because you can never tell when they’re on set and not; if so, good for him. But if he’s still on the show, he has to get out now. Otherwise, people could start connecting him to Class C actors and continue to overlook him when they need actors for serious performances.

The clock is ticking in Ramsey Nouah’s devil’s voice.

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