Is Sandra Bullock’s life in danger?

The FBI has received a complaint about a possible attempt to end the life of the recent Oscar winner for best actress. Michelle McGee, her ex-husband’s heavily tattooed lover, is believed to be the mastermind behind the whole plot. She would have hired a hitman to put the actress away and thus have a clear path to Jesse James.

If a few days ago it was said that Sandra Bullock feared for her life because she was not sure what her husband was capable of doing to her, now the FBI is investigating an alleged plot to assassinate the actress, according to the page posted on the TMZ website.

Two weeks ago, Michelle’s ex-husband, Shane Modica, admitted to receiving a phone call from a Missouri man who claimed to have been hired by the model to attack Sandra.

Apparently, this man was ordered to kill The Blind Side actress before rumors of her husband’s infidelity even became public.

However, although FBI agents in Missouri informed those in Los Angeles to keep them on their toes, they decided not to give credence to this information and dismissed the complaint without opening an investigation.

In recent weeks, several media have reported that Sandra Bullock is preparing for a divorce with her lawyers. But the truth is that the actress takes care of the children of Jesse James while he remains hospitalized in a center to overcome his addiction to his sx.


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