Inside Scoop on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Photographer Arthur Edwards, renowned for his work with the British royal family, didn’t mince his words when sharing his thoughts on the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Speaking in an exclusive chat on The Sun’s YouTube channel, Edwards described the event as “miserable” and “the worst brutal wedding” he had ever covered.

Known for his extensive coverage of the royal family, Edwards expressed his disappointment with the day, highlighting Harry’s efforts to keep the press at bay. He told how he struggled to take good photos as the couple deliberately avoided the cameras. Edwards also reflected on the treatment he and his fellow journalists received, feeling unwelcome and poorly treated.

Reactions to Edwards’ candid remarks varied. Some viewers sympathized, noting the couple’s actions before the public was even fully aware of them. Others criticized Meghan, calling her a “vengeful gold digger”, expressing regret for Harry’s decisions.

The discussion around Meghan and Harry’s impact has extended beyond their marriage. Reports have emerged of Americans’ growing frustration with Meghan, urging Britain to “take her back”. Criticism has mounted against the couple’s plans, with their deals with Netflix and Spotify coming under scrutiny for their perceived lack of substance.

Amid debates over their choices, speculation has arisen about the couple’s travels, including a trip to Africa that was allegedly facilitated through questionable means. Some have wondered whether their lives would have been different if they had remained in Britain, engaging in meaningful work in the public eye.

Reflecting on these discussions, one US commentator admitted that Meghan had become “our problem”, urging Harry to return to the UK. This sentiment echoed a larger sentiment: the complexities of fame and scrutiny in the modern era, as the Sussexes navigate their roles amid public scrutiny and their personal ambitions.


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