How was the great friendship between these celebrities forged?

The actress and the model met while filming and from there they became inseparable.

The violent episode that ended with an injured photographer in Argentina put a fact that they wanted to go unnoticed under the global magnifying glass: Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are (were) incognito in the Trans-Andean country. The question falls from maturity: where did these two stars meet?

It was “Suicide Squad” the film that united these two powers. This film is already 6 years old, that is to say that Margot and Cara had known each other for at least two years before, at the time of the shooting. And today, after so many years of problems, problems and more problems, the two are here, safe and sound.

The international press hypothesizes that the reason for this visit to Argentina was secret: did Margot want to get Cara out of the toxic environment she is living in these days in her known lands? The model made headlines a few weeks ago due to her unhappy condition in various public places in the United States. Her friend decided it was time to take control of her before she grieved the bigger consequences, so well known in the celebrity world. She thus invited Cara to go to inhospitable places to relax a little.

Both come from difficult pasts. “A dependent father marks the childhood of any child. You grow up too soon because you play a father to them. My mother is an incredibly strong person with a big heart, and I love her. But an addiction is not something you recover from, I don’t think. I know there are people who have stopped using drugs and are doing well, but that is not the case. She keeps fighting,” Cara explained to Elle in 2015. Then, it was clear, it was her turn.

Margot is 32, two years older than her friend. And a few days ago, she was photographed leaving Cara’s house crying. She apparently found her in terrible condition and received a rejection for her proposal. The facts show that she has finally succeeded in convincing her: let’s go on a trip.

Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne: How did the great friendship between these celebrities forge?

Lace rose to fame in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” when she passed the tests by slapping Leo Di Caprio without appearing in any shots in the script. She punched, froze at what she had done, and Scorsese and DiCaprio laughed: it was her. From these years and this past a solid friendship was born. It will depend on both of them and their ability to heal and reinvent themselves for the relationship to continue.


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