Henry Cavill reveals he would have been a soldier instead of Superman had his acting career not taken off

The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice star has revealed it was a screen test for James Bond that sabotaged his backup plan

We might never have seen Henry Cavill in a SUPER-TIGHT suit if his acting career had failed.

Thank goodness for Superman.

The British hunk has revealed his backup plan is to be a soldier in the British Armed Forces if he doesn’t make it as a movie star.

“Fortunately, at this point, I’ve gotten my foot in the door enough that if someone tried to slam it shut, I could probably squeeze a bit and keep the door open,” he told Men’s magazine. Fitness.

“As far as a full back-up plan was concerned, it was the British Armed Forces. But at 33, I think I’m too old to enlist now.”

But it’s actually James Bond we have to thank for Henry landing on his feet instead of giving up everything to join the army.

He shared, “There were many times when I thought this wasn’t going to happen. At some point I was like, ‘If this next movie doesn’t do well, then I’m going out, I’m going. join the armed forces”.

“Then I had the screen test for Bond and I thought, my name is there now, so maybe I should stay. And I did.”

And sharing his reasons for acting, Henry revealed that “the money is fantastic”.

He said: “I’m a bit wary of saying this because it may be frowned upon, certainly by members of my community and people outside my community… but I’m not doing this just for the art. money is fantastic and it’s something that I consider – and again, this is frowned upon – very important.

“You gotta enjoy life! I mean, you gotta. When I make money, I spend it on nice things, whether it’s a lavish vacation for me and my friends or just to see something and walking into a store and saying, “Yeah, I want this for home,” and buying it.

“Spending money for my friends, buying dinner for everyone, drinks for everyone, it’s a nice place and I like people to feel taken care of.”


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