Freddie Mercury snuck Princess Diana into a gay bar in drag

Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana went clubbing together as ‘Diana was in full mischief mode’ while still married to Charles

Freddie Mercury and Princess Diana had a wild night together on the streets of London when the singer managed to dress the royal up as a man!

Throughout her life, Princess Diana has formed many famous friendships with celebrities. Her friendship with singer Elton John was infamous, and yet the singer is invited to events honoring Princess Diana by her sons who appreciate her role in her life.

Diana is also said to have been friends with other celebrities such as models Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, and she is also said to have regularly rubbed shoulders with Liza Minnelli, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

Although she has never been photographed with Freddie Mercury, a close friend of the royal family has revealed that the princess and the rockstar once had a wild night out in London.

Cleo Rocos, a famous actress who was a close friend of Diana, revealed in her 2013 memoir that she and other celebrities had a wild night out with Princess Diana.

In Cleo’s memoir, The Positive Power of Drinking, the actress revealed that Princess Diana was eager for a night out and her famous friends, including Freddie, tried to convince her there would be negative repercussions.

“We pleaded, ‘What would the headline be if you got caught up in a fight at a gay bar? “Said Cleo. “But Diana was in full mischief mode.

The actress then revealed that they decided to dress the princess in men’s clothing so she could “pass as a rather eccentrically dressed gay model.” After her transformation thanks to Freddie, the princess apparently left, “looking like a handsome young man.”

“Cleo revealed that Freddie and Diana were both glad to be out and behaving badly. “We weaved our way through crowds and leather flip flops until we finally reached the bar. We nudged each other like naughty schoolboys.”

“Diana and Freddie were laughing, but she ordered a white wine and a beer. Once the deal was done, we looked at each other, united in our quest for triumph. We did it!”

The story that the two dated was never confirmed by either the princess or the queen star, but Cleo was adamant that the two met in their lifetime.

Also in her memoirs, Cleo said, “She [Princess Diana] routinely sneaked around alone, in disguise, to places around the corner of the palace.”

“I remember drinking peach Bellinis with her, Kenny and Freddie Mercury at the nearby Bombay Brasserie, before we all went up to Kenny’s penthouse to keep drinking.”

“I’ll never forget watching Diana, Kenny and Freddie dance around the living room with the Gypsy Kings, each waving one of Kenny’s feather dusters in the air.”

Freddie died of AIDS in 1991 and a few years later, in 1997, Princess Diana also lost her life after being involved in a car accident.

Princess Diana was the first British royal figure to touch an AIDS patient and made significant strides in destigmatizing the disease when she shook hands with an AIDS patient.

Princess Diana’s sons have continued to champion their mother’s legacy and continue her charitable work. It was only recently that Prince Harry announced that proceeds from his memoir would be used to help children with HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa.


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