Five women sue Bill Cosby for decades-old s-xual abuse

The case of the sexual assaults committed by Bill Cosby, 85, is back in the news after five women filed a new complaint against the actor for sexual battery. The plaintiffs used a “legal window” in New York that allows victims of this type of crime to go to court for one year even if the cases have prescribed it.

In recent years, the actor has been accused by dozens of women and in 2018 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual assault. But last year Bill Cosby was freed after his conviction was overturned by a court. According to this court decision, there was already a prior civil agreement between Cosby and the victim and this led him to invalidate the lawsuit against the comedian.

However, this Monday, five of the victims filed a new complaint against Bill Cosby, the NBCUniversal group, Kaufman Astoria studios and The Carsey-Werner Company, responsible for the production of the popular series The Bill Cosby Hour. late 80’s.

The complaint of these five women before the justice of New York comes after this state approved a law which gives a deadline of one year to seek justice for the sexual crimes so far prescribed. Under the same settlement, for example, former US President Donald Trump was sued last November by journalist E. Jean Carroll. The journalist accuses the businessman of having raped her almost 30 years ago.

For the moment, Bill Cosby’s lawyer has issued a statement to the American media denying the accusations made by these five women against the comedian. Additionally, in the statement, Cosby’s attorney abused the plaintiffs for attempting to seek money in this case.

Two of the plaintiffs are former actresses of this program, including Lili Bernard, who last year filed another lawsuit on this ground in the state of New Jersey to try to obtain compensation of 125 million dollars and who had already publicly accused the artist in 2015.

Similarly, four of the five women denounced sexual assaults by the comedian between the 80s and 90s, at the height of Cosby’s career, and a fifth denounced having been a victim of the comedian in 1969. According to the complaint of these women the comedian forced them into relationships or raped them. In addition, in some cases, the victims denounce that the comedian drugged them with a substance dissolved in his drinks.

Response from Bill Cosby’s attorney

On the other hand, the complaint against the companies responsible for the production of The Bill Cosby Hour comes because the plaintiffs consider that they were negligent in doing nothing to prevent the abuse.


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