Edoardo Leaks Footage of Meghan Markle’s Fight with Beatrice to Secure Seat After Archie’s Fake Birth Certificate Scandal

The explosive revelation made by Beatus, shedding light on Meghan Markle’s alleged schemes in California, including a surprising claim that Archie’s birth certificate is fake. Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s reaction to Eduardo’s decision to leak footage of Meghan’s confrontation with Beatrice has left many stunned.

Prince Harry’s usually calm demeanor was nowhere to be seen when he confronted Eduardo Maple Mosy over leaked footage of Meghan Markle’s heated exchange with Princess Beatrice in St Paul’s during the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations. The incident, which took place as the royal family gathered for a service, degenerated into a full-blown shouting match, with tensions erupting into pushing and screaming.

Witnesses recount how Prince Harry, visibly seething with anger, berated Eduardo for filming and sharing the altercation online. Eduardo, shaken by Harry’s outburst, attempted to explain himself, claiming that he had recorded a historic event without anticipating the chaos that ensued. However, Harry was merciless, accusing Eduardo of deliberately embarrassing Meghan and the royal family.

The leaked video, which quickly went viral, sparked widespread controversy and raised questions about what led to the explosive confrontation between Meghan and Beatrice. According to insiders, tensions between the two duchesses had been brewing for years, with Beatrice harboring resentment towards Meghan since she entered the royal fold.

Friday’s incident appears to have been the culmination of the long-running feud, with witnesses describing a verbal altercation between Meghan and Beatrice that quickly turned physical. The altercation reportedly lasted several minutes before security intervened, leaving Meghan in tears and Beatrice running away in anger.

The royal family is said to be embarrassed by the public spectacle, with the Queen expressing disappointment at the disruption to the jubilee celebrations. Royal commentators warn that the incident has further strained relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, potentially exacerbating an already fragile divide.

As the fallout from this shocking incident continues to be felt, it remains to be seen how Meghan, Harry and the royal family will handle the aftermath of this explosive confrontation. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.


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