Donald and Melania Trump: a marriage that takes water according to the American press

Donald and Melania Trump: a marriage that takes water according to the American press

An investigation published by Vanity Fair reveals the less than stellar behind the scenes of Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship.

Many rumors have been circulating about the couple Donald and Melania Trump since the US presidential elections. We had notably been able to read that they slept apart, that Melania did not seem happy (a hashtag #SaveMelania had even emerged on Twitter), that she did not want him to become president of the United States … In a long survey published a few days ago, Vanity Fair magazine looks back on the marriage between the Slovenian model and the businessman who became the 45th president of the United States, and the least we can say, c is that it does not dream.

The magazine first evokes their meeting in a New York nightclub in 1998. Donald Trump, who had gone there accompanied by a young woman, waited for her to go to the bathroom to go see Melania, at the model era, and ask her phone number. An anecdote that sets the tone of their relationship.

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Friend of Donald Trump, Federico Pignatelli explained that Melania appealed to Donald for her easygoing character, and therefore not very restrictive, unlike that of his ex-wife, Ivana: “Ivana was an intelligent, enterprising woman. She also had a fiery personality. With Melania…there’s not much fighting.”

A trophy wife

The fact that Melania Trump doesn’t make waves isn’t the only reason Donald Trump loved her. Beyond his model physique, the article reports a role consisting mainly of reassuring the businessman about his virility through rather humiliating interventions. In 1999, shortly after their meeting, Melania Trump took part in a conversation broadcast on the radio between Donald Trump and the presenter Howard Stern. As Donald Trump explains that he would continue to love Melania as long as her breasts remain intact, the presenter asks him to talk about their sex life. The tycoon contacts his wife, to tell her that they have sex more than once a day and confides that she is nearly naked as she talks. During another evening, he asked her, in front of acquaintances, to say how much he was a good husband. She simply repeated what he had said, an act enough to satisfy him.

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The height of Melania Trump’s objectification came six months after they were married. She told her husband of her desire to become pregnant, to which he only consented “on condition that she finds the same body immediately afterwards”, which she promised him.

A campaign that upset their balance

However, despite her “live and let live” philosophy and the fact that she said she knew very well how the person she married worked, the article revealed that Melania Trump was “terrified at idea that he can win” in the presidential election. A fear that would partly explain her lack of involvement in the campaign. “, an exit that she ended up defending publicly.

A person close to the Trumps said: “My dream is for Michelle Obama to persuade her to leave him and become a great feminist icon. She’ll shake things up and say, “He’s crazy. It’s crazy. I don’t know what I was doing. It is true that in her case, feminist activism would be the best outcome.

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