Did Prince William cheat on Kate Middleton? Photos seem to prove it and anticipate scandal

A picture goes around the world: a couple kiss and pretend they’re William…and she’s not Kate.

British royalty is on everyone’s lips, as in the best of times, and that’s never good news. While the voices that speak of a rift between Princes William and Harry due to the alleged confrontation between their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, are still silent, an image is circulating the globe: is William cheating Kate?

Several British media have it on the cover: William would have been photographed kissing Rose Hanbury (see background), Marchioness of Cholmondeley, neighbor and friend of Kate.

The incident happened years ago when Kate was pregnant. The photo was posted by a netizen and went viral within hours, reaching the front pages of the media. Since then, speculations have been flying and, they assure, everything coincides: from these months, precisely, Kate ended her relationship with Rose, until then her best friend.

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“It’s well known that Kate and Rose had a terrible fall. They used to be close, but that’s not the case anymore. William wants to be a peacemaker so the two couples can stay friends, as they live close together. on the other and share many mutual friends. But Kate has made it clear that she doesn’t want to see them anymore and that she wants William to phase them out despite his social status,” confirmed a voice from those around him. Kate at The Sun website.

Did Prince William cheat on Kate Middleton?  The photos seem to prove it and anticipate the scandal

And another thing: the fact opens up another avenue of reflection on the estrangement between the brothers William and Harry. The eldest brother would have admitted the fact to Harry and he would have replied harshly: “That’s exactly what ruined our childhood”, remembering Carlos’ infidelity towards Lady Di.

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