Dakota Johnson Explains Why It Wasn’t S-xy To Shoot ‘Fifty Shades’ S-x Scenes

You know that feeling when you discover the secret of a magic trick? Well, the same, but in a film version.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were known to have trained hard before stepping on camera to fake some high-voltage sx in the series Fifty Shades. But what happened when, already with the body they wanted to show realized, they heard the cry of action? Well, something more typical of a funny Scary Movie type movie than a saga that woke up the libido of millions of people.

“The truth is, shooting those scenes was the opposite of glamorous. Nothing s-xy,” confirms the film’s protagonist in a new interview. “Jamie had a little bag that covered his parts, and I had some kind of strapless thongs attached to mine. Not with glue, but with something sticky like what’s used for nipple pasties, but with the bottom part “.

Aware that her remarks can generate anguish among those who imagine that poor Dakota removes it every day as if she were a bandage, the actress explained that there was no risk of “hair removal involuntary” with this little trick.

“It was just sticky on top, not all over the part, although it did come off sometimes and the team had to use real glue to keep it from coming off. Once I even had to wear two of those thongs. It doesn’t hurt, I mean basically it’s like you’re not wearing anything but you feel covered. It’s a very weird feeling.” **Come on, more than a band aid, these flip flops were like a post-it note. **

As if that weren’t enough, Jamie and Dakota had to wait like that for hours to take the pictures. **”In the sex scenes, you spend more time planning in advance how they’re going to be shot, so you have to do it feeling totally vulnerable.** But when you’re filming something that complicated, you have to plan it in advance”.

Well, if you want to live an authentic _Fifty Shades experience in the privacy of your home with your partner, forget the handcuffs and get yourself a little stick of those famous yellow self-adhesive sheets that are everywhere in offices.


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