Concern about the state of health of Cara Delevingne after her controversial last appearance

The media model starred in a bizarre episode at the Los Angeles airport and alerted her family: “We’re all worried.”

Cara Delevingne is one of the most famous and media models of her generation. At 30, the Briton has become a true fashion icon and the idol of many since she has more than forty million followers on social networks. However, the model would not be going through her best moment, causing great concern among her family and friends.

She thus introduces him to his closest environment after the model starred in a strange episode at the Los Angeles airport. There, Cara Delevingne surprised the rest of the travelers and the paparazzi present in the place by letting herself be seen “very nervous, barefoot, smoking, gesticulating excessively, thin and turning on herself”. ‘She smoked one cigarette after another and spoke vehemently on her mobile phone which she dropped in the street at one point,’ one of her witnesses said in statements to ‘The Mail on Sunday ‘.

Intervention of his family

The images, already viral on social networks, concern both his family and his millions of fans around the world. Indeed, her sister, Poppy, did not hesitate to take a plane from London, where she lives with her husband, to the United States to settle in the model’s mansion for the next few days given the situation. . Several local media ensure that Poppy would deal with Cara Delevingne so that she agrees to enter a rehabilitation center.

“We are all terribly worried about her. The situation has been brewing for a few weeks and Cara’s family is involved. It’s about arranging some kind of intervention and making sure the model gets the help she might need,” said a person close to the family who prefers not to reveal his identity in statements to ‘ The Sun’.


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