Chevy Chase Counsels Meghan Markle Following Previous Clash with Sylvester Stallone on Rocky Day in Philadelphia

At the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Macaulay Culkin playfully mocked Meghan Markle, suggesting she had no future in Hollywood. Culkin, famous for his roles in the Home Alone films, has been celebrated for his 40-year acting career and contributions to the film industry. Its star unveiling event, which took place on December 1, 2023, was attended by family, friends and fans. Culkin’s fiancée Brenda Song, his two sons, former co-star Katherine O’Hare and his friend Natasha Leon were all in attendance, giving speeches praising his talent and personality.

Reportedly, Meghan Markle has expressed interest in getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star by contacting the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. She argued that her work in the legal drama “Suits” and her humanitarian efforts deserved such recognition. Additionally, she offered a substantial donation to the Chamber and promised to promote the Walk of Fame on her social media platforms. However, the House chose to bestow this honor on Culkin, citing his superior credentials and reputation as an American icon embodying the spirit and values ​​of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The move apparently outraged and embarrassed Meghan Markle, who accused Culkin of selfishness and meanness, saying he stole the spotlight. She argued that he was not a real actor, widely recognized for his childhood roles, and that he had no influence or relevance in contemporary Hollywood. Markle also disparaged Culkin’s appearance and voice, deeming him too old and uninteresting to be recognized.

In response, Culkin chose not to respond to Markle’s insults and graciously accepted the honor, expressing gratitude and enthusiasm for her continued career. He wished Meghan Markle peace and happiness while subtly mocking her during his acceptance speech, implying that she should find her way back to her home country, without referring to Canada.

Despite the audience’s applause and laughter, not everyone was thrilled with Culkin’s success. Meghan Markle, who had moved to California with Prince Harry and their children, was actively seeking recognition and influence in Hollywood through various projects and controversies. This rejection seemed to trigger her jealousy and anger, but Culkin opted for a lighter approach, leaving Markle struggling with her feelings in the wake of her well-deserved recognition.


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