Bella Thorne confesses to having been a victim of s-xual abuse

Since her adolescence we have been able to see Bella Thorne evolve with her acting career, in addition, conquering other professions as a professional dancer or singer, for this she has long been one of Disney’s favorite girls, when ‘she played CeCe Jones in the series “Shake It Up” with Zendaya, where she gained worldwide fame and made her one of the highest paid young actresses on the channel, however, all this success had a negative impact on Bella.

In recent years, Thorne’s attitude has changed considerably, and she has become the typical party girl that much of the general public does not usually respect, is the image she now holds, and the face of multiple teasing in social networks.

Today (December 08) the singer was active on social media, and there were a lot of negative comments about her, which caught the attention of a girl, who asked “What is what disney did to that girl? ?. I think she was (s-xually) abused,” which caught Bella’s attention and prompted her to respond directly, “Yes, I was. But it wasn’t Disney.”

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A short, but at the same time very significant statement that she immediately went around all social networks. Fans and even non-followers of her have started sending her messages of support and apologies for the large number of negative comments she has given her in recent months.

“I love you and I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. The fact that you hold your head up despite everything is truly admirable. Sending you love”

“One day she will almost die from an overdose of pills and the same people who bother her will protest the bullying.”

“The world can sometimes be a sick place”

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