Anna Kendrick explains why she won’t do n-de scenes

Actress Anna Kendrick has shared her reasoning for refusing to shoot scenes that require her to be n-de in front of the camera.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald about her new TV series Love Life, the 34-year-old Pitch Perfect star explained that she was happy to film sex scenes, but not ones that require n-dity.

“My personal feelings about n-dity – that I’m not really interested in n-dity for me – have remained the same. I’ve never had a problem with the simulated sex scenes – I feel like it’s about the character, when I only have one body, so the n-dity is more apropos of me,” Kendrick says.

Her new show, an HBO Max exclusive, follows Kendrick’s character as she goes on a series of romantic dates, so intimate scenes were needed.

“When we started filming, I figured out that in every episode I was going to do a kiss scene or a sex scene with someone new,” Kendrick adds.

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“It was really weird knowing that we were going to meet and in a week we were going to be in bed pretending to have sex!”

In recent years, film and TV shoots have introduced “intimacy coordinators” to choreograph simulated sex between actors to ensure they are filmed in a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved. .

Actors will often have this written into their contracts so they can refuse to shoot n-de scenes, and in cases in the past body doubles have been employed if necessary.

Kendrick rose to fame through a supporting role in the Twilight franchise. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in director Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air in 2009. She led the Pitch Perfect franchise for three films and recently voiced Princess Poppy in Trolls World. Round.

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