‘Angry’ Sharon Stone slapped director over Basic Instinct’s ‘leg-crossing’ scene

Sharon Stone has revealed she was very angry when she first watched her provocative leg-crossing scene in ‘Basic Instinct’, that she even slapped the director for it.

The actress was initially hesitant to take off her underwear for the famous scene, but the film’s director, Paul Verhoeven, assured her that nothing would show up on screen,

The 55-year-old actress said when they shot the scene it was decided it would be an innuendo and the director asked her to take off the underwear as her color was visible.

She said she put the underwear in her shirt pocket after being promised nothing would be visible and being told to watch the screen.

She said that at the time, high definition didn’t exist, so she really couldn’t see anything when she looked at the screen.

However, the actress said that when she first saw the film with a group of other people, she was in shock and then slapped the director after the film ended.


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