Angelina Jolie wants to destroy Brad Pitt with ‘more damaging allegations’: ‘Seems to be her goal’

Angelina Jolie Wants To Make Brad Pitt Awful After Accusing Him Of Physical Abuse

Angelina Jolie has planned to release more ‘damaging’ allegations against ex-husband Brad Pitt if their ongoing legal battle doesn’t settle in her ‘favour’.

The Maleficent actor is “aiming” to destroy the Bullet Train star’s reputation, according to a report by In Touch Weekly.

“If the lawsuit doesn’t go in Angelina’s favor, you can bet she’ll release more damaging allegations. This battle will never end,” the source told the outlet.

The insider said Jolie believed Pitt was trying to silence her by accusing him of waging a “smear campaign” against him with his “vicious attacks.”

“It makes Brad look horrible. It could destroy him, which seems to be his goal. So far, the fans have overwhelmingly taken his side. It’s always going to be a she-said-she-said situation,” the insider added. .

Jolie accused Pitt of physically assaulting her and their children in her countersuit filed earlier this month, in which she claimed he ‘choked one of the children and punched another. in the face” during their dogfight in 2016.

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The Hollywood beauty also alleged that her former husband and father of six children “grabbed” her by the head and shook her” during their heated argument.

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