An Abstract Kevin Biography: Career, Friend and Net worth

If you are a public figure, people tend to question a lot of questions in personal life. Kevin Abstract He is an American musician who answered them with his word in songs.

For starters, his sexuality was in question, and the man came out with burning guns to admit he was gay. Well, there is more to know about his accomplishments, so be there to the end.

Kevin Abstract

But first some quick facts without getting more excited:

Kevin Abstract: Quick Facts

full nameClifford Ian Simpson
Date of birth1996/07/16
nicknameKevin Abstract
Marital StatusIn a relationship
Place of birthTexas, USA
ethnic originAfro-American
age25 years old
professionRapper, singer
height5’4 inches
Eye colordark brown
hair colorblack
to buildthin
Net worth$ 600,000
Online presenceInstagram, Twitter, YouTube
Last update[current-month], 2021

Who is Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract is a singer, rapper, songwriter and American director affiliated with the band Brockampton. The rapper has been a part of the scene for less than a decade but has undoubtedly taken the media by storm.

Age and parents

Clifford Ian Simpson I was born in July 16, 1996 In Texas. His parents’ name is unknown to anyone. It’s because he had a pretty hard time with them.

In conclusion, nothing about any of the brothers is also available for anyone to see.

Clifford is 23 years old at the moment. He holds American citizenship along with African-American ethnicity.

His zodiac sign falls under cancer, suggesting that he is both optimistic and empathetic.

Body dimensions: height and weight

Kevin looks pretty average in weight and also has a strong personality. The singer stands at the height of 5’4And considers 68 Kg.

The dark facial skin and the selection of shaded words at a time match his charm as a rapper. Unfortunately, vital body statistics are unknown to anyone.

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Abstract is in its most beautiful period in the mid-20s, and the artist has done his best to maintain a healthy and wholesome body for sure.

To complete the physical outlook, dark brown eyes and black hair play an important role. If anything goes beyond the size of the shoe and dress, readers will be updated on it.

Early days and education

Kevin was born in Texas and had the hardest childhood imaginable. The talented rapper has never seen his father, nor has his relationship with his mother been so pleasant for sure.

At age 15, he ran away from home and began living alone. Rapping came to him as a blessing in disguise to hide all his pain in words.

In the case of an educational background even though Kevin attended Woodlands High School.

The man was not really enthusiastic about the study but was very focused on the music he wanted to make in the long run.


Well, the best in a person comes from the most difficult situation, and Kevin is the prime example of the fact. At age 15, he ran away from home to live with his sister in Georgia.

Abstract’s sister has always supported his music. During his school days, when Abstract wrote songs, friends from school loved it, and the magic began to grow.

Kevin’s career began in a year 2014 When the man started forming a band called Brockampton. When Alivesinceforever disbanded in 2014, Abstract saw the new light, well, that light made it the star of the day.

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To reach the box office, the team released an album called I’m a gambler In the new year of 2015. This was the beginning of the summit. That same year a new single Hero Released.

The success ladder was added with Brockhampton winning the VFiles Loud, which is an online talent contest. This win provided them with an opportunity to work with the label she named The gold record for whips.

In this quest, the single dirt Premiered through Apple’s Beat 1. All this success found its way after its 2014 debut with the unique model to rescue Came after him Drugs. The album, however, got its name MTV1987.

Kevin was part of some commendable mixtapes like Relax, 30 minutes until Rosh Hashanah, the comics, imagination, and many more. Not only that, the extended plays like AlltheGirls, Kilmer, but Ghettobaby as wellMade the audience roll.

You can listen and download his songs and albums for free from bandcamp.

All of his work has finally brought him an interview with legendary producer Rick Robin in 2020.

What is special about Strateget is the fact that it also works out of Brockampton. Dominic Pike also worked alongside Abstract when he was a member of Brockampton.

BeyondOurDreams, People, InsteadofDreaming are some great examples of this.

It can be said without a doubt that the future is still right in front of him. If any changes occur, readers will be updated.

Key effects

There are many instances where people tend to be influenced by big names to make it unique in their careers. When Abstract grew up, he had no father, so the artist weighed Will Smith As a father figure and wanted to be like him.

Moreover, he also praised Jaden Smith, tweeting that he is a very talented kid.

However, for his musical career, his first album was influenced by the works of Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Kid Cody, and so.

Not only that, but the band’s work is greatly influenced by big names like Kenya West, Pink Floyd, Tyler, and many more. Looking at the thickness of things, we feel the future is bright for the band.

Besides, he wholeheartedly admires Donald Gruber, who is not a childish Gambino, some of you may be familiar with his song, “This is America.” The song lit up and also spawned countless waters across the internet.

Back in 2014, Kevin tweeted, “s / o (shoutout) Donald Glover for making things easier for kids like me.” We’m not sure what exactly he meant but we’m sure he respects what Donald has achieved.

Who’s Kevin Abstract’s friend?

When it comes to sexuality and personal life, Kevin is pretty open about it.

The rebel singer came out with burning guns in 2016 when he declared that he was gay.

This appeal left fans in shock, but on the other hand, they also respected his loyalty. From that moment on he also claimed to be the voice of those who could hardly be open about themselves.

Friend of Kevin Abstract
Kevin Abstract with Jaden Walker

In the case of a relationship, Kevin likes to love sharing the information of his special one. The American rapper is dating an Instagram star Jaden Walker since 2017.

The two love birds are seen in exotic places. Abstract is never ashamed to share his photos on social media with Jaden. We feel like some great news is popping up just around the corner.

Net worth: income and salary

The act of music, performing on tours and also sponsorship tend to help a person gain fame and fortune. Kevin has just started his career in music.

Six years have passed, but the glory is much higher. As of 2020, Kevin holds the net worth of $ 600,000.

The amount may not be too significant at the moment, but it’s still the beginning of something significant for sure. Although there is appropriate information on net worth, nothing accurate is available regarding annual income and the assets they own.

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In his spare time, Kevin loves to travel to exotic places. However, at this point, the rapper lives with all of his band members in the United States.

Hunger for the Internet

Social media is an essential tool for any rapper as it helps him connect with his fans. Similar is the case of Kevin, who has the follow-up to praise on social media.

Instagram773 thousand Followers

Twitter494.6 thousand Followers

YouTube893 thousand Followers

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