Amber Heard Sued For $10 Million For Allegedly Refusing To Do N-de Scenes In New Film

Amber Heard sued for $10 million for allegedly refusing to do N-de scenes in new movie

Amber Heard is facing a heavy lawsuit from the producers of her recent film London Fields, according to new court documents. The film’s production company, Nicola Six Limited, is seeking at least $10 million in damages from the actress. According to the documents, Heard failed to “provide certain acting services” (n-scenes, in other words) and failed to promote the film.

She even goes so far as to claim that she conspired to make the bomb movie. Nicola Six Limited claims the actress failed to live up to her agreed-upon acting role and public appearances to promote the film. The main contract complaint involves his refusal to do an n-de scene as his character, a “clairvoyant about to be murdered” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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On page seven of the legal complaint, Heard’s “n-dity jumper” details of the contract are discussed. The company says she secretly worked with Mathew Cullen, the film’s director, to rewrite her n-de and sex scenes, which wasn’t what was agreed to in her contract. She apparently only asked to approve the scenes after they were filmed, not tinker with the actual material.

The film was shot in 2015, when Heard was still married to Johnny Depp. One could easily link the volatile final days of Heard and Depp’s relationship to the actress’ reluctance to attend press events for the film, regardless of whether she’s playing the lead role. The company relied on Heard to make numerous promotional appearances as part of a popular Hollywood couple. This is not the first dramatic episode surrounding London Fields.

Cullen himself sued Nicola Six Limited for fraud, accusing them of creating their own final cut of the film, much to his chagrin. He says he was promised full creative control, but he was not given that. In response, the film’s producers said that Cullen did not complete the film on time and on budget, which is why they took matters into their own hands and released their own version of the film at the Film Festival. of Toronto. This legal saga is far from over, proving that reality is always stranger than fiction.

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