Amber Heard resumes her testimony against Johnny Depp: “Nothing I did made him stop hitting me”

Amber Heard resumes her testimony against Johnny Depp: “Nothing I did made him stop hitting me”

Amber Heard resumed her testimony this Thursday in the defamation lawsuit which pits her against her ex-husband Johnny Depp and recounted a series of physical abuses at the hands of the actor which she says escalated until the couple abuse each other.

Heard testified that in 2014, while filming a movie with James Franco, Johnny Depp threw objects at him and then kicked him in the back during a fight over his romantic scenes with Franco .

“I feel that boot on my back. It just kicked me in the back. I fell to the ground and I held on. Nobody said anything, nobody did anything,” Heard said. “I felt so embarrassed that he could throw her to the ground in front of people.”

For his part, Depp denied hitting Heard. In his testimony, he spoke of having suffered verbal and physical abuse from her, including a detailed description of an incident that partially severed his finger.

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Heard testified that soon after the incident, Depp apologized for her behavior and then hired a medical team to help her get off the drugs.

“It’s typical of the apologies he made to me when he binged physically,” Heard said of an apologetic text message. “He encouraged me because I thought it meant he understood that he could really hurt me. He sometimes thought he didn’t understand how much he could hurt me physically,” he said. she added.

Heard testified that Depp asked him to come with him to his private island while he rehabbed from drugs. A period she called “hell”, but she says that at some point in the process, she decided to leave.

“It was just more than he could handle. I don’t know how to detox someone,” Heard said.

Depp already addressed this period of detox when he spoke at the start of the trial.

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“There was a big part of me that was very uncomfortable with Ms. Heard joining me for this rehab,” Depp said.

Before the court took a lunch break, Heard testified that the couple’s relationship had begun to decline.

“At this point in our relationship, we were both saying terrible things to each other. We were yelling at each other. Unfortunately, when Johnny started hitting me, he just won.”

Heard is expected to continue testifying on Thursday, and she likely won’t return to the stand until May 16, as the court goes into recess.

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