Amanda Seyfried Love Scene with Julianne Moore Was Risky

Young star was anxious about Chloe’s sx scene, but says she’ll ‘never forget it’

In Chloe, Julianne Moore’s character hires a prostitute played by Amanda Seyfried to tempt her possibly unfaithful husband (Liam Neeson). What ensues is a very lively sex scene between the two women. So how did the actors prepare to lose their inhibitions? Shots of tequila? Group therapy? Turns out this was all pretty technical.

“Was it different because it was [with] a girl? No,” Moore told reporters in New York on Monday of his on-screen date with Seyfried. “Anytime you have an intimate scene with someone, you’re very prepared. Everyone knows exactly what’s going on and it’s usually very choreographed… Amanda and I were comfortable with each other. other.

Moore, 49, went on to call her 24-year-old co-star “charming” and “pretty impressive”. But it wasn’t quite as clear a call for Seyfried, who admits to being so “intimidated” that she tried to back out of the film.

“The risk factor came from the fact that n-dity could potentially cause harm to my American audience,” she said. Still, “I had to do it. It was clearly the riskiest choice, but I think the best choice.

Now, Seyfried considers it his most memorable moment on set. “The love scene,” she said. “I will never forget that.”

Director Atom Egoyan simply ignored the brouhaha: “They are actors. They use their body to express their feelings. That’s what their job is about,” he said. Plus, “It’s a great scene and possibly my favorite moment in the movie.”


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